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Tip Time: How I store my lush soaps!

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I love Lush soaps but I sometimes find them a bit messy and end up not using all of it. So, I came up with a way to store them to make sure I use them and keeps things nice and tidy.

This soap is called Dirty, and it has a minty and fresh scent. 

1) The things you will need are, your lush soap, an old chopping board, a sharp knife and a clear plastic container with a lid. 

2) The first thing to do is score the soap vertically and horizontally.

3) The next thing to do is to cut the soap along the lines, you may need to warm the knife if it is difficult to cut through but it should be fairly easy to slice. Cut vertically and then horizontally to create cubes.

4) Once you have all of your cubes you can pop them into your container. Each time you want to use the soap just take a cube into the shower/bath with you :) 

The clear container allows you to see whats inside and these are stackable so you could put different soaps in different containers and store them one on top of each other! Just make sure to label if you have more than one. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! 

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Love Katie 

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