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Bedroom Pick-Me-Ups

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These are a few things I have added to my bedroom recently to give a little bit of interest and add a cute feel with little effort. I am spending more time in my room this year due to my university situation so wanted to make it feel more cosy and lived in.

1) Battery Operated Fairy Lights - I like the warm glow that these give to my desk area, it is relaxing and pretty. The reason I opted for battery operated ones is so I could drape them around my world map without needing a plug socket. They are only £1.99 and need two AA batteries.

2) Heart Jar - I picked this up from TK Maxx, so I couldn't put a link to their website but they always have a variety of jars in the home section. It was £3.99 and I love using it to hold my cotton pads, it makes a fairly mundane item much more appealing and cute.

3. Name Candle Holder - This was a present from my Grandma for my birthday, it is a white tea light holder that has my name cut out of the side with a flower pattern and when it glows it makes little shapes on the wall. This looks great on my desk which is also white and makes things feel that bit more delicate.

4. Kirstie Allsopp Storage Box - This is a great desk storage box, I use it to store all of my important documents and then I tend to put smaller things on top of it to highlight the cute pattern on top. It has a floral print and cute pastel shades with a gorgeous ribbon tie.

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