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Autumn Edit: The Lips

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Bold and healthy are the key words for the lip looks I like to wear in the Autumn, a colour can really add a pop to darker outfits (which the majority of mine are this time of year!), but nobody wants a flaky bold lip so moisturizing and maintenance are essential. 

Keeping your lips in tip-top condition especially with the wind picking up and the temperature dropping down is a must-have for wearing any sort of colour. Pick up two good lip balms and keep one in your bag (The body shop Born Lippy is great for adding a little colour and shine but keeping your lips supple throughout the day) and get another one to keep by your bed (I recommend the Nivea Hydro Care SPF15). That way you can keep topped up on the go and also put some on before you go to sleep, as a part of your night time routine. I would also invest in a Lip Scrub from Lush, their Bubblegum flavour is my personal fav, use this to exfoliate off any dry skin that could have formed to keep everything soft and smooth. 

So on to the colour! I have seven favourites and here they are - 

1. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 03 Hot Pepper - This pigmented red is a liquid lipstick with a Matte Finish, the orange toned hue is warm and comfortable to wear. This would look great with a small black eyeliner flick for a thoughtful day time look, but also great as statement lip with two coats for evening staying power.

2. ELF Lipstick in Cheerful Cherry - Relatively sheer in colour, it gives a hint of red with a darker under tone which is perfect for this time of year.

3. Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in 01 - Slightly brighter than the one above and has better staying power, great classic red lipstick for everyday wear. This shade looks great applied with the finger for a more natural touch of colour.

4. Lush It Started With A Kiss Lip Tint - This is a balm like lip colour that is in all honesty a little messy, but adds moisture and colour and great to keep in your hand bag (if you have a tissue to clean your finger afterwards!).

5. Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Apocaliptic - This is a liquid lipstick with a gloss finish, the colour has been slightly distorted in the photo as it is more of a deep bright pink. This is great for an evening look and my perfect pink autumnal shade.

6. Maybelline Super Stay 10H Tint Gloss in 540 Endless Ruby - A glossy stain with intense colour and serious lasting power. As the name suggests it is a dark red but also has some plum tones for a depth of colour. 

7. Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 - This is my perfect Autumn shade, a deep wine colour with a matte finish, applied with a brush it looks great, and keep your eyes peeled on my blog for a make-up look with this later in the week!

Here are some swatches - 

From left to right, Bourjois Hot pepper, ELF Cheerful Cherry, Rimmel Kate 01, Lush lip tint 

Apocaliptic, Endless Ruby, Rimmel Kate 107

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Love Katie 

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  1. Oh my god, I can't believe you use the Lush Lip Tint! I love the colour of it but you're right - it's so messy! Haha I didn't know anyone else knew it existed

  2. yes it is such a random little product! I love the smell haha it needs the warmth of your finger though to be applied nicely a brush doesn't give the same effect! Thank you for commenting! xx


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