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Product of the Week #1

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Every Sunday I am now going to do a post called 'Product of the Week', I will pick a product that I have loved or used everyday and then tell you about it!

So week number 1, the outstanding product of this week has to be the new Kate Moss Mascara by Rimmel London. I have it in the colour "Eye Rocket Jet Black", and it gives a thicker and longer look to the lashes with minimal effort due to the curved S shaped brush. It is affordable, and currently has £2.50 off in Boots stores, which makes it £4.99! I love the packaging its sleek and simple with the Kate signature the main feature.

The curved wand allows all the lashes to be caught and made more curved and lengthened. 

Here are some photo's of the mascara on my lashes!

The mascara is on the left eye and the right is my natural lashes (excuse the wet hair!)

One Eye in the picture above and then both eyes with one coat of the mascara above on the right.

This shows the lengthening affect, I would definitely recommend this product hence it being my favourite of the week!

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Love Katie 

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