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My Tuesday Morning Savior

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I had to get up rather early this morning to meet a friend and me and mornings are not a match made in heaven. To make the morning feel that little bit more luxurious I grabbed my Sanctuary Spa Body Wash (£5.50) out of the bathroom cupboard and lathered up. It has a warm comforting and fresh scent which makes me feel better about everything in the morning!

The small orange beads look a bit intimidating when you first put it on however they burst releasing more fresh fragrance. 

It has a jelly like texture and smooths over the skin with a silky feel, before slightly foaming away with the addition of water. 

I love a multi-tasker and the consistency of this product makes it great to shave with too!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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  1. I've used this before, and I love the beads in it, I especially love beads in body washes that burst! haha. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! xx

  2. Ooh that sounds so nice! :) I'm personally not a morning person either so I'll definitely have to try this, aha.



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