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New York In a week ahhh!

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This time next week I will be in the Big Apple! oh my days. I am excited and scared, I can barely deal with a couple of days away from home and now I am crossing the Atlantic! It is for a uni trip so I am going to be really busy and also doing fieldwork on coffee shops with a great group of people, but still I am worried. I am planning on making a video of my time there and definitely be posting it on here when I get back.

I think the main thing I need to do during this trip is learn how to be alone and understand how my life has got to this cross roads. I think I have been so down, stressed and worried that going far away will give me a new perspective and open my eyes to the world outside my bubble.

If anyone has any tips of places to see, things to do or must take items let me know!

I know its corny but this song just comes to mind at the moment haha

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Love Katie

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  1. This sounds so exciting! Have fun! A tip- worry less, what's the worst that can happen? In the past couple of years, I've been away quite frequently with friends. The more I did it, the less I worried. None of the little mishaps actually matter in the end but to give you ease just be well prepared. Though that seems pretty pointless to say- I always have it said to me so just thought I'd mention it. I'm ridiculously unorganised and need to worry more. I know you wrote a post a while back about uni stress and stuff, this seems like the perfect trip...even if you still have to work in it. Corny song but Kelly Clarkson is always amaze. I'm so jealous and you should defo give us an update on it all when you're back! Oooh and make sure you eat lots of soft pretzels, the cream cheese filled ones are so yum! P.S love the new blog design.


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