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Monday and its raining...

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I live between two places, going to University in one and having my family in the other. In my home town of Worcester there has been large amounts of flooding due to the excessive rainfall here and in Wales where the mouth of the seven is (the river running through Worcester). I wanted to write a post about how in these times of extreme weather it literally hit home how powerful nature can be. I know its not anything to do with make-up or beauty but this is important to me and many other people. Its devastating the power that water can have and the way it can destroy our possessions and homes, my heart goes out to all those suffering and I hope that some sort of normality can return soon. The way in which people have come together has been truly inspiring and really reinforced the importance of community in times of hardship. I am proud to come from Worcester and hope that the river calms down and the city can be restored with the help of residents, the council and the government.

Here are some pictures I took on a walk with my family yesterday :)

My normal types of posts will resume tomorrow with my favorite nail varnish of the year so far!

My parents in the background :p 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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Love Katie

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