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How a student stays warm

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If you have read my blog before you will know that I go to University, and haven't been having the easiest time of it. However I am now in my second year and have picked up a few tips that I thought I would share with you to help if you are in a similar situation.

So this week I am going to talk about keeping warm. When you go to University in the UK more often than not you find your own accommodation in the second year i.e you no longer have your heating paid for as part of the halls price. This means that it gets very cold especially in the British winter and with all the crazy storms we have been having recently that is not good. I didn't realize quite how cold it could be but when your in bed and you can see your breath that is when you know you need to do something about it.

My tips -

Have a small bedroom! Mine is a massive double room so takes so long to heat even with the radiator on.

Terraced houses share heat bear this in mind when house hunting.

Victorian houses usually have crap windows which have massive drafts and there is more likely to be a problem with damp or mold (don't get me started!)

Buy a heater of some description or a heated blanket, discuss it with who your living with but if you all have something like this then you could just pay slightly more if needs be.

Own multiple onesies, mine has feet and a hood - this helps.

My final warmth top tip is to buy a quality duvet before you go. I invested about £40 in a duvet that was feather and down and 13.5 tog and this has been great for keeping me warm and toasty at night with no extra heating on. Definitely the best thing i have bought for uni! It might seem odd but it really insulates the only downside is that you really won't want to get out of bed!

Here is a link to the one I got - http://www.amazon.co.uk/DOUBLE-Goose-Feather-HIGHER-LUXURY/dp/B004A5DT2W/ref=pd_sim_sbs_kh_1 

I hope you enjoyed a post like this! 
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Love Katie 

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