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Sleep SOS!

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I am forever going to bed late, take now in the UK, at this present moment its 2:39am - that is not good. However when I do eventually switch off my brain and stop exploring how to understand the universe and social media, there are some products that help me drift off. I was given these little treats from my parents this Christmas, the set contains a deep sleep pillow spray and a deep sleep stress less which is a roller ball oil. The products are by a company called 'this works' and I do have to say these products do help me to have a deeper sleep so in my opinion they do work! The full sizes retail at around £17.50 for the spray and £14.50 for the oil roller ball so they are quite an investment for a sleep product but if you need it I would recommend it. They have a strong lavender fragrance which is relaxing and calming but not over powering, so definitely loving these little bad boys to get me through these rainy winter nights!

To use I just spritz the spray over my pillow and apply the roller ball to my temples and wrists for a helping hand into dreaming.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Love Katie xxx

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