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Today, I thought I would share my current bath time relaxation favourite products with you! I love a good bath, especially because my house when I am at uni only has a shower, so when I get home a bath is usually the first thing on my mind (don't tell my family or the boyfriend!).

These are all the goodies I am going to be talking about and I will go into detail about them below :)

The first step to me creating an awesomely bubbly bath is to pour some Radox Moisture Soak into the hot running water. It creates a nice amount of creamy bubbles and smells so relaxing, the fragrance is of calendula and rose - I love a floral scent so this instantly calms me down! 

The next thing I do is add some Sanctuary Spa foaming bath soak - I love this stuff but it is slightly more expensive than the Radox bubble bath, so I add some in at the same time to make the water that bit more moisturizing. This also adds that spa scent to make it more luxurious. 

The final product I had to the running water is the Liz Earle Orange Flower Botanical body wash, this may seem odd, but it gives a lovely creamy texture to the bubble and smells so fresh and uplifting. 

Once my bath is run I like to add some Burt's Bees therapeutic bath crystals, these dissolve into the bath water to calm from within. 

To set the mood I always light my Sanctuary Spa Sleep candle (my favourite candle of the moment and probably all time!), this is great for any bath because it just makes you feel that little bit more special and like you can be transported to a luxurious place when you shut your eyes. 

Finally for a bit of fun I like to use a lush bath bomb when I am actually in the tub, I think the water changing colour and the gorgeous scent really takes your mind off the rest of the world and lets you enjoy bath time.

 I hope you enjoyed this post!
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