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2014 has finally arrived friends!

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Happy New Year! It is finally the new year and I am really hoping its better than the last - there is still so much drama going on with me but trying to focus on what is important and generally have a positive out look on life. I have been pretty distant for the last month with no blog posts, no videos, hardly any instagram posts and just some soul searching tweets! I am hoping that the new year gives me the confidence to move forward and share more of myself with the this social media world and develop some fresh new content.

So, to start of this year I thought I would tell you about something I have really loved about coming home from uni for the Christmas break, my friends. It is really great to know that when I come home I have people that are there for me with out me needing to have spoken to them everyday for the last term! It is difficult to maintain long distance friendships so it really weeds out the people you do and don't need in your life, and luckily for me I have quality friends that are in the same position as me! 

However, one great thing about uni or moving somewhere new is that you have the opportunity to meet new people and this is one of my new years resolutions, to not be so afraid of letting new people in. Friends are important and the experiences you make are the memories that matter, friends are your chosen family and you never know when you will need their help or they will need you. 

So here is to my virtual friends, home friends and uni friends - Happy New Year! I hope you have a great one :) 

Love Katie 

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