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I must say he is lovely!

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I have had such a lovely weekend back home with Dave and my family and I thought I would share with you a late birthday present that my boyfriend gave me on Friday. My 20th birthday was on the 28th September and he really did out do himself this year :) He got me an ipod engraved with a very sweet message, a Jumper from H and M and some skittles, which are my all time favourite sweets! 

And when he came round on Friday he bought a box with a beautiful bracelet in from Etsy. If you haven't heard of Etsy its a website where people sell a range of homemade items such as jewelry and clothes. The bracelet which I will picture below is gold and formed from the metal being molded into the design, I have fairly small wrists and this is great because it fastens at the back and I know its not going anywhere! The 'd heart k' design is significant to us as its our initials which made it such a personal and special gift :) So if your looking for a personal and special gift this is great, you can get a range of designs and letters so it could be a present for any relative or friend. 

I do love this present and Dave very much, definitely made my weekend special!

I hope you like this post 

Love Katie xxx
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  1. Aaaaw that's so cute! The closest relationship I have at the moment is my relationship with chocolate and it's no good because I keep purchasing it but it never gives me anything in return...apart from pleasure and unnecssary excess fat! haha :-/ I love Etsy and it's nice how you are happy to share details of your personal life with your readers! Also, happy belated birthday!

    1. but chocolate is worth it for pleasure even if it involves a brisk walk after haha! thank you :D yeah i kind of blog as a way of remembering things too, like a less embarrassing online diary! :P thank you for being so nice, restored by faith in humanity after this week!


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