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Autumn chills!

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I don't know if its just me because I live in a student house, but it is getting chilly outside! Today was a busy day uni wise so resulted in me walking around a lot - converse = blistered little toes! Anyway I thought I would just let you in on my pick me up on cold autumn evenings. I recently was given a jar candle, its from TESCO (which is a chain supermarket) the candle was only £6 and is branded to have 80 hours of burning time, which is great for the price! What I love most about this candle is the smell, it is labelled as 'A combination of Damson and Pomegranate', which gives 'your room a rich, fruity aroma'. It really works too, not only does it make me feel warmer it smells incredible, and no one would know it was only £6 especially if you take the label off!

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