2013 autumn

A little chat with some products thrown in for good measure!

10:06Wayfaring Rambles

I made a video today after my seminar was cancelled, a better use of my time I thought, about a few thoughts I have been having this week and a few products I've been loving.

I know my face and self look a bit scary but really not feeling to great at the moment! Have got some anti-biotics though so should be on the mend soon!

Also check out how crazy my hair/hair colour has gone http://instagram.com/p/fz5mKHB0ny/ I deleted the picture so couldn't put it in - but how weird??

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  1. Hello lovey! Hope you feel better soon! I'm at the exact same place when it comes to uni! I'm in my second year, there's a crazy amount to do and considering that I'm hoping to go globe-trotting when I finish uni and then find a career, still confused about what I want to do, it's all a bit much! My motivation to getting through second year is a summer full of travel :-/ I do enjoy what I study but it's the extent of that enjoyment that worries me, especially in comparison to other things...plus, I want to be some sort of TV presenter at the moment but then there's tons of other options too...aaaagh! Burt's Bees lippys look fun and I love Argan oil infused products! :-) I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, check out what you have to do to accept it here http://fearlessnfabulous.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/the-liebster-award-x2-foodorgies-belly.html and let me know once it's up, I'd love to come and have a read :-)

  2. I can't believe i have only just seen this comment! Thank you for the nomination I will definitely get the post up in the next couple of weeks! :) I am having a nightmare at the moment, not getting the grades i want and caught in some weird limbo with what future career i want is all getting sooo confusing! just trying to get my blog to somewhere i am happy with is my goal for this year! xx

    1. No problem! aaw, it'll all sort itself our hopefully! Don't worry though, it's not only you. That's a good goal! I've got the same one. When I first started I promised myself alternate days of posting, I'm lucky if I manage two-four a month :-/ x


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