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Now that uni has finished for the year, I find myself wondering around town looking for inspiration and new products. My skin has been feeling the odd weather we have been having and its looking a little worse for wear, so i thought i would brush up my weekly skin care regime! After spending nearly an hour in lush, and being talked to about most products, I decided on the Angels on Bare skin cleanser and the Ayesha face mask.

So lets start with the cleanser, it is exfoliating and has a lavender scent, after being mixed with water it turns into a milky paste which leaves a soft and tightening feeling after being rinsed off. Its definitely a messy option but it does feel like i am doing some good with the plethora of natural ingredients. I plan to use this three times a week in-between the Liz Earle cleanse and polish natural cleanser, which will hopefully keep my skin on its toes and help me combat my recent mini breakouts.

I also bought the the Ayesha face mask, after talking to the girl in the shop she recommended this one for me as it tightens, the other ingredients suggest it is good for anti aging which I don't think I need just yet! However i do like the way it smoothed out my face and instantly refreshed after one use. 

I am very happy with my lovely mini lush haul and try out, I will keep you updated on whether these products revitalize my skin care regime, I hope your having a lovely day! 

Love Katie xxx 

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