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Mega Plush Vs Scandaleyes Flex!

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I picked up both these mascara's recently and thought I would do a review comparison for you! I am a mascara fiend, and absolutely love the way in which it completely transforms a face and a look. Both the mascara's are affordable - both having £2 off in boots at the moment! The Mega plush maybelline is £7.99 and the Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra is £6.99.

Bright Packaging is typical of your high street/drugstore mascara's but I do like how eye catching they are, helps me find them in my overcrowded make up back! 

The Mega Plush Volum' Express Mascara is creative in the fact that the brush is bendable allowing you to catch all the lashes. I feel this mascara gives a great natural look and is perfect to use all through the summer.

 It gives a very lengthening and true black look which helps with the natural trend this season. 

On to the Rimmel Scandaleyes Lycra flex mascara, I do love this one, after not having loved the clumpier Scandal Eyes original mascara this one is more refined and gives great lash effect. 

The squarer brush gives volume and darkness at the root, it is also very layerable (I don't think that is an actual word) so perfect for day to night. 

It also helps to give a more winged affect. 

These are some pictures with the mascara on, the plush is on the right as you look at the picture with the scandal on the left. 

Overall I love them both and would recommend them both to you! My personal favourite is the Rimmel just because it for me is more build able and gives a more full on affect. 

Hope you enjoyed this review! 

Have a great day :D 

Love Katie 


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