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5 Top tips for the Prom Season!

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So Prom season is almost upon us and I wanted to share with you my 5 top tips for prom over the next 5 days! My prom was not the best because of being on the council committee in charge of the prom I was adding ribbon to chairs for most of the day giving me about 30 minutes to get ready! So I hope you can learn from my mistakes and have a great and memorable day!

1. Make your Make-up Lasting -
Use products that are gonna let you dance into the night and not be falling off your face after the first dance. I would recommend priming your eyes before your eye shadow or using something like the Maybelline 24hour creams or the Rimmel equivalent so make sure it doesn't slip. Also, use a gel liner as after it sets you will have hours of wear! Finally make sure you don't use a foundation with an spf as it will reflect from the flash in cameras, and keep shimmer to key highlighting areas like the brow and cheek bone.

Check back tomorrow to see my next tip!

Or check out my Youtube channel for a video which will be up later today :)

Here is the video - :D

Also I will be doing some tutorials of prom looks on this blog and on my Youtube :)

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Thank you, Love Katie xxx

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