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So welcome anyone who is reading this! This is my blog on all things girly, i am a massive beauty and skincare fan and have tried out many products over the years - that makes me sound really old. I'm not. That is rather awkward, okay well i am nineteen, does that make me old? anyway i have decided to share my experiences of beauty, love and life with you.  I am also starting a you tube channel as if writing all my thoughts down wasn't crazy enough! I know there are million other blogs and a million other channels but there is always room for one more! 

I will introduce myself properly - i am Katie Ennis and i am a student from the united kingdom so if you want to know about my perspective or if you want to see reviews and general rants then this might just be the place for you. 

This is me - 

Hopefully you will enjoy reading this, lots of love, Katie xxxx

Twitter - katieennis93
Tumblr - http://katielouiseennis.tumblr.com/
You Tube - http://www.youtube.com/user/lifeofkatielouise 

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