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As Sunday is creeping ever nearer and my patience with a rather stubborn assignment is running low I thought I would perk myself up with a cheeky blog post! I am going to tell you about 5 products this week and funnily enough they are all gold, I will give you my thoughts and opinions on the products and a rating out of 5 - I hope you find it intriguing!

1. Barry M Foil Look Nail Paint in Gold - A 242

Rating: 4

Great colour pay off and a true foil like effect, easy to apply and cheap but it doesn't last as long as you might hope, but for the price of around £3.95 you can't really go wrong. 

2. Lush Emotions Hand made colour - Fantasy - Eyeliner

Rating: 3

I am a big fan of lush so expected a lot from there make up. I like the colour, a true gold, vibrant and eye catching - what I don't like is the applicator it is too thin to be precise ( I know that sounds odd but its true) and the liquid texture was slightly stingy when applied to eyes - this was concerning! I do like it as an eye shadow though, apply to finger and then dab across lid and lasts all day.

3. Rimmel London, Scandal Eyes Eye Shadow Stick - Bulletproof Beige

The bottom colour 

Rating: 4.5

I love these! They come in a range of colour's this was the closest to gold they are waterproof and wear really nicely on the lid, they are easy to blend initially and then set, a great product for spring/summer! Only downside they are quite messy!

4. Barry M Eyeliner Pen - Gold number 8 

Top colour 

Rating: 1.5

Although they are smudge proof after waiting for them to set I am not a fan of the gold at all. It is very yellow and not flattering - the actual eye liner is also very hard which makes it hard to blend and also hard to apply to the water line. It is cheap but I wouldn't recommend this type of screw up eyeliner.  

5. Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr cream eyeshadow - 05 Eternal Gold

Top colour 

Rating: 5

I love this product! All the gold you could want in a wearable yet buildable cream. It lasts all day and is water proof a definite for spring summer so gets the full 5!

I hope you enjoyed this little gold explosion, lots of love  Katie xxx


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