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There is no maybe about it Maybelline!

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After a mid-week spending spree, I bought this little Gem. If you had seen my previous post about all things gold you will know that I love these Maybelline Color Tattoo's 24 hour creams, and this is one of the new released colors! It is a bluey, purple with shimmer through it. After having a play with it I love it, you can build it up to create a full on night time eye or you can sweep across the lid for an everyday look - the eye I have done below is a mix between the two just to give an example! Light in Purple, is, I can already tell going to be my go to colour for nights out in spring! 

It just looks gorgeous in the pot! (Light in Purple)

Creamy, easy to blend texture - perfect for any makeup lover or newbie as brushes are not necessarily needed!

This is the eye look - All I did was use the maybelline gel eyeliner to create a slight flick, then once that is dry I blended the color tattoo over the lid and the liner concentrating more on the center of the eye to make them seem bigger. I then applied some Maybelline smokey eye concentrating at the base to get a full lash effect. Hope you like it! 

Have a great day, Katie xxx

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  1. This looks lovely! I have the bronze one and it's so easy just to put on in the morning and it does last all day! I will have to get this :-) xx

    1. Thats what i love about them! i have the bronze and the eternal gold one too they look great together if you put the bronze through the crease and the gold all over the lid :)

      Katie <3 xx


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