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As a student I am a fan of anything that delivers on colour, lasting power and PRICE! So for me Rimmel London at the moment is doing everything right, the new Apocalips lip lacquers are incredible. They are so vibrant and so glossy that I couldn't resist picking up 3! Especially as superdrug are doing a three for two at the moment! They are incredible, I literally can not say enough about how good they are - if you dare to wear a bright lip go and pick one up! Perfect for daytime and going out where and they have a good range of colours, here they are - 

These are the three I picked up from top to bottom - Luna, Nova and Big Bang


Beautiful Vibrant Red - easy to apply with applicator perfect for an evening. 


 This is Nova a barbie pink that is a going to be a real summer favorite of mine, you can build this colour or wear it sheer but I love the glossy stained effect it gives either way!

      This is the gorgeous Luna, a coraly nude that will look incredible for spring/summer! 

Thank you for reading - Lots of Love Katie xxx 

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  1. Hi Katie, they look so nice! I'm really considering getting the Luna one :)

  2. Hey! you really should they are amazing and lunar can suit anyone using different amounts :) enjoy xx


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