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Hello, this post is all about the pink, if you saw my apocalips review you will know I think they are amazing so I maybe went and got another colour! That colour was apocaliptic, but I did purchase with good reason, I had an outfit with dark pink/red shoes, this was just the perfect pouting pink to set them off.

It lasted really well even after eating!
To continue to tie in the colours I needed a matching nail polish and I came across Pomegranate Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint from Barry M. I love this colour and the initial look it gives is amazing however from having this one and two others I have found that the colours chip very easily so not a great investment but for colour pay off they are awesome. Theses colours I feel give a modern twist on pink and are great for jazzing up a plain dress!

Thank you for reading have a great day, lots of love Katie xxx

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  1. Wow! That color is stunning I must have it!

    1. It really is such a true and warm dark pink, get it get it! :P

      Katie <3


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