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This is the new false lash flutter mascara from L'oreal paris, it claims to give a butterfly wing effect with fibres. After trying this for around a week I have decided it is good, the unique shaped brush does make a winged out fluttery effect, however the brush is quite spiky which can be an uncomfortable feeling, that might just be me! I like the overall look it gives and the fibres add length without clumpyness - would I buy it again at £10.99, probably not as I prefer more volume.

Striking packaging

unique brush with longer and shorter sides, short side good for bottom lashes!

Examples of the mascara -

Thanks for reading, lots of love Katie xxx

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  1. Thanks I'll follow you back! Lovely blog!
    <3 Sarah

    1. Thank you :D glad you like it!

      Katie <3

  2. OOh thanks for sharing and especially the pics showing the product too on your eyelashes. Beautiful!


    1. Thank you for looking! really glad you think the photos help :)

      Katie <3


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