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Colour Burst into Spring with Revlon

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 I recently picked up one of these colour burst lip butters from Revlon, they come in lots of bright summery colours (like the name suggests!) and have a really creamy and sheer texture with a hint of the colour. I really like these even though they are £7.99 which for a lip butter by a drugstore company I think is quite high. The consistency really helps to moisturize the lips and the colour really brightens the face in a subtle and spring like way. 

What I like is that the colours are buildable so you can create a slightly more opaque effect.

I think the packaging is sweet and goes with the product, however they are a little hard to open.

I love the glossy finish they give which is just perfect for spring/summer!

As you can see the colour I have and am wearing is 080 Strawberry Shortcake, I love that name!

Glossy and sheer with a hint of colour, I only apply a slick of this as I feel that the colour would be too Barbie pale pink if I added too much - but I love wearing this amount as it blends well with my natural lip colour and softens at the same time!

Thank you for reading, lots of love Katie xxx

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  1. Wow, what an amazing color! It looks perfect on you :-)

    xo The Daily Fashion Drug

  2. I love the lip butter that I have, this one is such a lovely shade too x


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