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I thought I would just give you a little bit more background to me, so I am 19 and I am student studying for a degree in Ba Geography. I love the world and like to do my bit to protect it. However, the reason I started this blog is that I would really love a career in the Beauty industry and your never too young to start, eh?

Also, a pretty big part of my life is my boyfriend Dave, we have been seeing each other for two years and even though I am at uni we are making it work. It is hard everyday but I really do love him :)

This is me and Dave -

I know this isn't beauty related but it gives you a little idea about me, lots of love Katie xxxx

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  1. Aw hang in there, I've done the distance thing too I know how hard it can be!

  2. yeah makes it more special when your together though :)

    Katie <3


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